Challenges for organisational resilience

2019-07-05T12:52:58Z (GMT) by Kevin J. Burnard Ran Bhamra
Purpose - Organisational resilience presents complex challenges organisations must address in order to respond and recover from disruptive events. From an operations and strategic management perspective, this paper outlines these challenges and highlights the important perspectives within the growing literature of resilience. Design/methodology/approach - Based on a critique of relevant literature this Viewpoint paper identifies and discusses the emerging challenges in developing resilience at an organisational level. Findings - The outcome of this paper establishes a set of propositions to guide the development of organisational level resilience as well as outlining future research. Originality/value – The outlined propositions highlight the features of both active and passive resilience and identify key considerations for organisations. Through recognising these propositions organisations may be better placed to address the impacts of disruptive events.