Challenges for the SWM sector in post-natural disaster and post-conflict scenarios: a comparison

This paper describes the solid waste management system in two cities in post emergency/ recovery phase such as Juba, South Sudan, and Port-au-Prince, Haiti, respectively due to the conflict run until 2005 in Sudan and the devastating earthquake happened on 12th January 2010 in Haiti. Thanks to field assessments conducted by the authors, it was possible to highlight common challenges in the sustainable provision of solid waste service delivery for the two cities, such as lack of awareness, instability of institutions, lack of policies, lack of coordination among the different stakeholders and limited human and financial resources. A strategic solid waste management plan should be developed in both cities involving all sustainability factors. In particular, it should have a specific focus on promoting recycling activities and favouring the return of skilled people in Juba, on developing a contingency plan to reduce the impact of future natural disasters in Port-au-Prince.