Classification and characterization of stationary phases for liquid chromatography: Part I. Descriptive terminology (IUPAC Recommendations 1997)

2009-02-20T14:46:20Z (GMT) by Roger M. Smith Aurél Marton
A wide range of stationary phases and column packing materials have been developed over the years for liquid chromatography and these need to be described accurately and unambiguously. The present paper, which is the first of a series planned for this area, recommends terms for the description of the stationary phase materials and their properties and expands the list of terms given in Nomenclature of Chromatography [PAC, 1993,65,8 19-872.1. It concentrates on the chemical properties and chromatographic role of the materials. Many of the terms to describe their physical properties as particles have been discussed in a recent paper on the characterization ofporous solids [PAC, 1994,66, 1739-17581.