Co-crosslinked blends of fluorosilicone elastomer and vinylidenefluoride polymers

2017-10-05T08:18:06Z (GMT) by Soun-Hie Pak
A study was made of the compatibilisation of blends of fluorosilicone elastomer and crystalline fluorocarbon polymers, respectively poly(methyl-3,3,3-trifluoropropyl/methylvinylsiloxane) as the gum component and poly(vinylidenefluoridetetrafluoroethylene) and polyvinylidenefluoride as the thermoplastic component. The blends were prepared in a small batch mixer and vulcanised with peroxide in a hot press. The vulcanisates were characterised for their swelling behaviour, mechanical properties, thermal properties and morphology. [Continues.]