Collection of transport-related data to promote inclusive design door-to-door

A computer-based inclusive design tool (HADRIAN), developed under the EPSRC ‘EQUAL’ initiative, is being expanded through the EPSRC Sustainable Urban Environments programme. This development will result in the tool including data on transport usage and related issues, providing a database of physical, emotional and cognitive information for 100 individuals, including those who are older and/or physically disabled. The collection of anthropometry by use of body scanning technology, as well as issues concerning the collection of physical capability data, whether by field observation, questionnaire response, or laboratory trials, are discussed. The work detailed is ongoing, and presented here are the methodological and ethical issues arising from consideration of the needs of those wishing to make journeys, and the collection of data to facilitate better design and policy to ease that process. This paper should be read in conjunction with Porter et al. (2006) also presented at the conference.