Comparison of traditional construction management method and modern project management systems

2017-02-01T09:58:52Z (GMT) by Pawel O. Nowak Andrew D.F. Price
Construction management is significant different from project management, yet both use similar management concepts and techniques. Many organisations and individuals do manage both design and construction of the same projects. This paper reviews the definitions and practices of construction management and project management and examines their similarities and differences. It then briefly considers modern project management concepts and techniques that are applicable to construction management. Construction management generally means the management of construction projects and construction organisation by contractors. A construction manager conducts a professional service to manage the design and construction of the project. Project management is different. Project management is a professional service to assist the owner or the investor and his/her architect and engineering staff in managing the design and construction of the project. Construction management is the management of individual project. It is usually accomplished by an isolated project team with a Construction Manager, and Project Engineer on site separate from rest of organisation. The role of Construction Manager is very important. He/she must present a great deal of experience in construction method, equipment maintenance, building materials, cost control. Construction Managers should be a graduate engineer and present an actual knowledge in management techniques. In project management systems Project Manager must be a very good manager with possibility of quick decision making, he/she must be skilled at dealing with personnel, he/she need not now everything about construction techniques. Very often he/she is not a graduate building engineer.