Complex exceptional orthogonal polynomials and quasi-invariance

Consider the Wronskians of the classical Hermite polynomials Hλ₁(x):= Wr(Hl(x);Hk1 (x)…;Hkn(x)); l ϵ Z≥0 \{k1; : : : ; kn}; where ki = λ₁ + n - i; i = 1;…, n and λ = (λ₁;…; λn) is a partition. Gómez-Ullate et al. showed that for a special class of partitions the corresponding polynomials are orthogonal and dense among all polynomials with respect to a certain inner product, but in contrast to the usual case have some degrees missing (so called exceptional orthogonal polynomials). We generalise their results to all partitions by considering complex contours of integration and non-positive Hermitian products. The corresponding polynomials are orthogonal and dense in a finite-codimensional subspace of C[x] satisfying certain quasi-invariance conditions. A Laurent version of exceptional orthogonal polynomials, related to monodromy-free trigonometric Schrödinger operators, is also presented.