Computer-aided formwork design: a detailed approach

2014-11-20T14:43:58Z (GMT) by Joseph H.M. Tah Andrew Price
A rational approach to formwork design based on simplified assumptions and approximate beam formulas is sufficiently adequate when designing formwork subjected to light loads. A detailed structural design may be required for extremely heavy loadings, or where there is unusual danger to life or property. A detailed mathematical model for the analysis and design of formwork assemblies encountered in practice is developed in this paper. The requirements for the detailed mathematical model are presented. The stiffness method of analysis of structural systems is used for formulating the mathematical model. The use of existing software for solving the stiffness equations is assessed. A conceptual model for implementing the stiffness method in formwork design is proposed. This is used to develop the detailed formwork design program. The program's capabilities are finally illustrated by means of a case study example.