Computer analysis of wing design for general aviation aircraft

2014-11-03T15:27:01Z (GMT) by Michael Papadakis
The calculation of the two dimensional viscous incompressible flow about single and multielement aerofoil sections is considered. A panel method, based on vorticity and source distributions is used for the calculation of the potential flow. Once the velocity distribution is known, integral boundary layer methods are employed to predict the viscous effects. A wake model has also been developed for the calculation of the wake behind the aerofoil system. The solution is iterative. At the end of each iteration the velocities on the aerofoil are corrected for viscosity and wake effects; the wake position is also relaxed, before the next iteration starts. The mathematical model of the flow, together with the computer program written to test the model are described here in detail. The numerical results obtained using the computer program are found to be in good agreement with both experimental data and exact solutions.