Conceptual framework of project actors’ information delivery system

Research shows that a large proportion of project actors' working time is spent processing, communicating and disseminating information that is not relevant to their tasks. This makes Information Overload (IO) a liability that adversely affects project actors' performance and organisation management. Some advances have been achieved in structuring information resources to support actors' decision making process. However, it is not always possible to structure and direct the right information to the right actor at the right time. Some engineering companies have taken the initiative of resolving this problem by encouraging actors to employ personal information and product data management systems and other software applications. These information systems rely on pull technology which contribute towards time delay, inefficiency and cost in actors' information seeking process. This paper draws on Information Behaviour (IB) literature of engineering project actors to propose the SMART push information capture and delivery framework as a solution to 10, by freeing the actor from active information seeking process to focus on the task at hand.