Conceptual modelling for simulation: Progress and grand challenges

2019-04-09T14:05:56Z (GMT) by Stewart Robinson
In 2007 the Journal of Simulation ran what I believe was the first ever journal issue dedicated to the topic of conceptual modelling for discrete-event simulation. The editorial for that issue reported on a 2006 meeting of conceptual modelling researchers and highlighted a set of research themes in conceptual modelling. Just over ten years since that special issue this paper reviews the progress that has been made in conceptual modelling research through a timeline of key events and a review of the literature on the topic. It then sets out the grand challenges in conceptual modelling. Over the last ten years there has been significant activity on some research themes, especially conceptual modelling frameworks and conceptual model representation. There remain, however, many underexplored and unexplored themes. A number of themes, not anticipated in 2006, have also emerged. There is much more work to be done in conceptual modelling research. The grand challenges set out research areas that will be difficult to make progress in, but for which progress will have a significant impact.