Conceptual modelling for simulation part I: definition and requirements

2012-08-03T09:26:22Z (GMT) by Stewart Robinson
Conceptual modelling is probably the most important aspect of a simulation study. It is also the most difficult and least understood. Over 40 years of simulation research and practice have provided only limited information on how to go about designing a simulation conceptual model. This paper, the first of two, discusses the meaning of conceptual modelling and the requirements of a conceptual model. Founded on existing literature, a definition of a conceptual model is provided. Four requirements of a conceptual model are described: validity, credibility, utility and feasibility. The need to develop the simplest model possible is also discussed. Owing to a paucity of advice on how to design a conceptual model, the need for a conceptual modelling framework is proposed. Built on the foundations laid in this paper, a conceptual modelling framework is described in the paper that follows.