Conceptual phase of construction projects

2019-08-06T11:11:46Z (GMT) by MR Abdul Kadir Andrew Price
An important topic addressed in the Emerson report in 1962 and the Latham report in 1994 is the issue of productivity in the construction industry. However, attention has only been focused on phases other than the conceptual phase of construction projects. The conceptual phase is of strategic importance in the project environment. Understanding this phase is a prerequisite for improving productivity on site. The paper discusses the conceptual phase of construction projects. An extensive literature review and interviews with four experienced practitioners from major client and construction organisations identified the definition, relationships and tasks for the conceptual phase. These characteristics of the conceptual phase will be the basis of an a priori hypothesis, which will be tested through a postal survey of 144 companies throughout Europe. Case studies will be carried out of six major projects: a nuclear power station, a petrochemical plant, a sewage treatment plant, an off-shore North Sea oil project, a major international airport, and a motorway project. © 1995.