Connectionless indoor inventory tracking in Zigbee RFID sensor network

2013-03-06T16:30:16Z (GMT) by Huanjia Yang Shuang-Hua Yang
Abstract: Zigbee is one of the most exciting wireless sensor network (WSN) technologies for monitoring and control. In our previous research, an integrated Zigbee RFID sensor network was designed as an ‘all-in-one’ system solution for Humanitarian Logistics Center (HLC) resource management. Various field trials, which have justified the feasibility and features of such a system structure, have also revealed the requirement for simple yet reliable mobile tracking architecture for Zigbee network. In this paper a connectionless tracking architecture based on Zigbee RFID sensor network is proposed for inventory management applications. Such architecture features a consistent network structure, low hardware energy consumption and no accumulated error for localization algorithms with the least additional cost and hardware required on top of the existing Zigbee RFID sensor network systems. A simple demo system is also developed to demonstrate the feasibility of our design.