Consumption practices and user perception of an emerging alternative drinking water option (sachet water) in Ibadan, Nigeria

2018-02-12T15:09:20Z (GMT) by Olufemi Opatunji Frank Odhiambo
Water utilities in Nigeria particularly in cities are unable to provide a safe supply of drinking water to the majority of residents. As a result, many city residents have come to rely upon sachet water as their sole source of drinking water. Though most sachet water consumers believe that it is safe, a few studies have shown that some sachet water does not conform with regulatory standards. Consumers are aware of the need for regulation of the sachet water industry especially in regard to assuring its quality. However, sachet water retailing practice can endanger public health and this risk is compounded by people’s consumption practices. Given the central role sachet water plays as a source of drinking water, there is need for proper regulation of the sub-sector and proper hygiene education for both consumers of sachet water and retail outlets.