Contractivity and ground state domination properties for non-local Schrodinger operators

We study supercontractivity and hypercontractivity of Markov semigroups obtained via ground state transformation of non-local Schrodinger operators based on generators of symmetric jump-paring L´evy processes with Kato-class confining potentials. This class of processes has the property that the intensity of single large jumps dominates the intensity of all multiple large jumps, and the related operators include pseudo-differential operators of interest in mathematical physics. We refine these contractivity properties by the concept of Lp-ground state domination and its asymptotic version, and derive sharp necessary and sufficient conditions for their validity in terms of the behaviour of the L´evy density and the potential at infinity. As a consequence, we obtain for a large subclass of confining potentials that, on the one hand, supercontractivity and ultracontractivity, on the other hand, hypercontractivity and asymptotic ultracontractivity of the transformed semigroup are equivalent properties. This is in stark contrast to classical Schrodinger operators, for which all these properties are known to be different.