Control procedures for falsework construction

2017-01-26T14:39:54Z (GMT) by Sun-Wah Poon Andrew D.F. Price
Tbe majority of concrete flyover constructions involve falsework. In 1976 the Braggs Committee in England after intensive investigation of falsework failures, had concluded that technical reasons and procedural inadequacies were the two principal causes for the failures. The Committee also recommended the appointment of a Temporary Works Coordinator who is given responsibility for all aspects of a particular falsework from inception to removal. The British standard on falsework (BS5975:1982) renamed the personnel in charge as Falsework Coordinator and listed his principal activities. In Hong Kong an Independent Checking Engineer has been required in recent years responsible for the checking of temporary works designed by the Contractor. This paper reviews the control procedures of falsework design and construction and their relation with real cases of falsework failure in the region.