Coordination chemistry of aminophosphine ligands

2018-08-14T10:20:14Z (GMT) by Stephen M. Aucott
The reaction of [MCl2(cod)] (M = Pt, Pd) with two equivalents of 2-(diphenylphosphinoamino)pyridine, Ph2PNHpy, in warm acetonitrile led to cationic complexes of the type cis-[MCl(Ph2PNHpy-P,N){Ph2PNHpy-P}][Cl] (M = Pt, Pd) which exhibit broad single 31P{1H} NMR resonances due to their dynamic pyridyl exchange behaviour in solution. A single crystal X-ray diffraction study of the platinum species confirmed the proposed structure and revealed that adjacent complex molecules were held together by hydrogen bonding to the same chloride counter-ion. The bromo- and iodo-cis[MX(Ph2PNHpy-P,N){Ph2PNHpy-P}][X] (M = Pt, Pd; X = Br, I) complexes were obtained by metathesis from the corresponding chloride complex. [Continues.]