Copper-based graphene nanoplatelet composites as interconnect for power electronics pacakging

© 2018 IEEE. The present investigation demonstrates a singlestep electrodeposition route for the fabrication of compact copper-based graphene nanoplatelets (GnPs) nanocomposite coatings, with dispersed GnP co-deposition. The effect of cathodic current density on the surface morphology of the deposits was examined. With increasing deposition current densities from 10 to 40 mA/cm 2 , there seemed to be a gradual increase in the lateral size of co-deposited GnPs and a decrease in their distribution density, along with a progressive decrease in the deposit surface feature. The chemical state of GnP from the sub-surface region of composite coatings was assessed using XPS in conjunction with Ar ion sputtering and found comparable to that of pristine GnPs. The Cu-GnP composite coatings exhibited slightly higher electrical sheet resistance, compared to that of the untreated Cu and pure Cu deposited counterparts.