Critical island size for Ag thin film growth on ZnO (000-1)

2017-01-06T12:09:27Z (GMT) by Adam Lloyd Roger Smith Steven Kenny
Island growth of Ag on ZnO is investigated with the development of a new technique to approximate critical island sizes. Ag is shown to attach in one of three highly symmetric sites on the ZnO surface or initial monolayers of grown Ag. Due to this, a lattice based adaptive kinetic Monte Carlo (LatAKMC) method is used to investigate initial growth phases. As island formation is commonly reported in the literature, the critical island sizes of Ag islands on a perfect polar ZnO surface and a first monolayer of grown Ag on the ZnO surface are considered. A mean rate approach is used to calculate the average time for an Ag ad-atom to drop off an island and this is then compared to deposition rates on the same island. Results suggest that Ag on ZnO (0 0 0 View the MathML source1¯) will exhibit Stranski–Krastanov (layer plus island) growth.