Cupric oxide-based p-type transparent conductors

2018-09-24T10:23:04Z (GMT) by Patrick Isherwood Michael Walls
This study examines the impact of doping on the resistivity of sputtered cupric oxide (CuO), and investigates the effects of co-sputtering CuO with tin dioxide (SnO2). It was found that films sputtered from a 2 at. % sodium-doped target have resistivities of four orders of magnitude lower than equivalent undoped films. Addition of oxygen was found to reduce the resistivity further. The best films were found to have resistivities of 4.3x10-2 Ω.cm. Co-sputtering with SnO2 was found to increase the band gap significantly, although it also caused an increase in the resistivity. All mixed oxide films were both amorphous and p-type.