DC electrical interconnection of renewable energy sources in a stand-alone power system with hydrogen storage

2017-07-12T13:43:16Z (GMT) by Matthew Little
Many communities around the world have no access to an electricity grid. To supply power to these people, stand-alone power systems are often used, the majority of which are based on diesel generators. Rising fuel costs and environmental concerns make the use of renewable energy in stand-alone systems increasingly attractive. The research reported in this thesis was to demonstrate a stand-alone power system based exclusively on renewable energy sources. To achieve this, a DC electrical backbone is used. Power electronic converters are used to interconnect the loads and generators and hydrogen is used as an inter-seasonal energy store. The design and control of the DC based stand-alone power system forms the primary focus of this research. A demonstration system has been implemented at West Beacon Farm in the UK. Substantial data has been collected that confirms the successful operation of the system.