Decision-making within a child’s timeframe: an overview of current research evidence for family justice professionals concerning child development and the impact of maltreatment

2015-07-09T07:57:25Z (GMT) by Rebecca Brown Harriet Ward
This overview of research evidence was commissioned in response to the Family Justice Review recommendation for consistent training and development for family justice professionals, including a greater emphasis on child development. Aims and Objectives The aim of this study was to bring together key research evidence to facilitate understanding among professionals working in the family justice system in the following areas: • Neuroscience perspectives on children's cognitive, social and emotional development. • The implications of maltreatment on childhood and adulthood wellbeing. • Evidence on the outcomes of intervention by the courts and children's social care. • Timeframes for intervening and how they fit (or don't) with those for children. The paper is intended to assist decision-making by family justice professionals and facilitate a greater understanding of individual children's needs and appropriate timeframes.