Design approach of the Blantyre wastewater treatment plant using the Ed-Wave tool, Malawi

The EDWAVE tool is a PC based package for imparting training on wastewater treatment technologies. The system consists of four modules viz. Reference Library, Process Builder, Case Study Manager, and Treatment Adviser. The principles of casebased design and casebased reasoning as applied in the EDWAVE Tool are utilised in this paper in evaluating the design approach of Blantyre wastewater treatment plant in Malawi. The study established that a similar case to both the dry season and wet season conditions of Blantyre wastewater treatment works has similarities to Municipal Case 6 in Greece (2003), with a flow rate of 6,600m 3 /day. Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD5) and Total Suspended Solids (TSS) removal efficiency in the dry season was 87% and 11%, respectively, and 12% and 11%, respectively, in the wet season at the Blantyre plant. BOD5 and TSS removal efficiencies at Municipal Case 6 in Greece was 95% and 95.5%, respectively. The study confirmed the practical use of the EDWAVE Tool in the design of wastewater treatment systems. The study also confirmed the importance of screening, grit removal, aerobic biological treatment, and sedimentation in wastewater treatment processes.