Design decisions in design and technology education: a research project undertaken in Cyprus, Iceland, and England

The paper represents a research project on design decisionmaking in the area of design and technology education in Cyprus, Iceland and England. This was carried out in 2006-7 and explored the role of teachers and their understanding for the importance of students’ autonomy in decision-making when they are at age 11-14. In addition the paper looked at the congruity between decision-making opportunities included in national curricula and how teachers understand the relationship between such curricula and practice. The data collection is based on semi-structured interviews with teachers from Cyprus, Iceland and England, and reviews of the national curricula. In the study, the researchers compared their findings and reached common conclusions. This initial study articulated understanding gained from teachers of their practice and hence provides the foundation for an action research programme and further comparative studies. However, some discussions of possible improvements to practice in design decision-making within design and technology education are also included in the paper.