Design futures: pop-i method for long-range planning of design organizations

The writers present the results from a research project that explored the factors which design organizations and individual designers take into consideration when they address the management of change to the design function over the long-term future. First a brief description of the telegenesis project which formed a background to the research project is provided to help place in context the solutions that emerged from the investigation and development. The principal development from the research project was a transitional framework of how design will evolve into the future based on a pop-i configuration. The concept of pop-i is outlined. The transitional framework projects the future state of design, defined by the time horizon projected to 2020, and based on information from the sectors of aerospace, construction, and product design. The rationale and use of the transitional map is explained. The transitional map is recommended as an audit system for managing the long-term future of design organization.