Developing mathematics teaching: what can we learn from the literature?

2015-07-02T09:18:50Z (GMT) by Stephanie Thomas Barbara Jaworski
In this chapter we address the extensive literature which can inform the teaching of mathematics drawing on our own experience of using and finding value in the literature to enhance our own knowledge and practice in teaching mathematics at university level. Three areas of literature are recognised and addressed: professional literature, in which we gain insights into the ways in which other teachers/lecturers have thought about their teaching and the approaches/strategies and frameworks they have used; research literature which offers what is known, findings from research that can enable more informed approaches to teaching; and pedagogical literature that deals overtly with developing and enhancing teaching, through the lecturer engaging with new ideas (for example those offered in the professional literature), attending to research findings or using specific tactics or teaching approaches recommended by the authors. Many examples are provided, both of particular sources in the literature and of approaches to learning and teaching in mathematics, with an extensive reference list. This approach is intended to be informative to mathematics teachers at university level who look for knowledge and ideas to inform their teaching and support its development.