Development of a MSW classification system for the evaluation of mechanical properties

2009-03-24T13:22:57Z (GMT) by Neil Dixon Ulrich Langer
To date, sparse information is available on the mechanical properties of municipal solid waste and the results of published work are often hard to compare due to differences in waste composition and therefore properties. To allow comparison, a unified classification system for waste is deemed crucial. Existing classification systems are presented and discussed. For a geotechnical classification, mechanical properties, size, shape and degradability potential of waste components have to be taken into account. A new and improved classification system for waste components is proposed, which complies with the requirements of a geotechnical classification system. It classifies waste components based on (1) their material engineering properties (e.g. shear, compressive and tensile strength), (2) a size distribution of the components, (3) the component shape (reinforcing, compressible and incompressible) and (4) the degree of degradability. The proposed classification system is applied to data from literature and methods for presenting classification information are demonstrated. Further work required to develop a full classification system for waste bodies is highlighted.