Development of a remote photoplethysmographic technique for human biometrics

Non-contact reflection photoplethysmography (NRPPG) is being developed to trace pulse features for comparison with contact photoplethysmography (CPPG). Simultaneous recordings of CPPG and NRPPG signals from 22 healthy subjects were studied. The power spectrum of PPG signals were analysed and compared between NRPPG and CPPG. The recurrence plot (RP) was used as a graphical tool to visualize the time dependent behaviour of the dynamics of the pulse signals. The agreement between NRPPG and CPPG for physiological monitoring, i.e. HRV parameters, was determined by means of the Bland-Altman plot and Pearson’s correlation coefficient. The results indicated that NRPPG could be used for the assessment of cardio-physiological signals.