Development of a virtual reality platform as a training tool using gaming software

Virtual Reality (VR) is a well-known technology that is applied in many areas including education, medical, manufacturing etc. In the engineering field, VR is commonly used as a toolkit to train humans to perform complex tasks such as aircraft piloting, chemical handling etc. However, the practicality of using gaming software as a VR platform for training purposes needs to be investigated. In this paper, the DarkBASIC Professional (DBPro) gaming software was applied as a VR platform to train humans' adaptability towards new environments. The design of the structure of the VR platform using DBPro is described together with the main elements including 3D modeling, mapping, lighting and sound effects, and player's control. A comparison between the real world and the VR platform was evaluated. Ten selected subjects conveyed positive feedback on the realism of the VR platform through the survey. The results show that the time taken to complete a task was reduced up to 60% after the subjects performed the VR training in advance. It is hoped that the VR platform will support VR training with low development costs and an open source concept.