Development of the short version of the scales of general well-being: The 14-item SGWB

2017-12-01T09:48:01Z (GMT) by Ylenio Longo Iain Coyne Stephen Joseph
The Scales of General Well-Being (SGWB, Longo, Coyne & Joseph, 2017) is a 65-item tool assessing fourteen different constructs. The aim of this study was to develop a short 14-item version. One item was chosen from each of the fourteen scales following inspection of previously-published factor loadings and content validity ratings. In total, 446 responses from U.S residents were collected from Amazon Mechanical Turk. Results supported a factor structure consistent with the long form, as well as good internal consistency. Additionally, general well-being scores of short- and long-form correlated at .96 and each item in the short-form was strongly related to its respective long-form scale. The 14-item SGWB offers a brief assessment of well-being based on a novel and comprehensive operational definition, and promises to be of practical use to researchers and clinicians.