Digital storytelling as decision making process. An informal conversation between Helen Graham and Antonia Liguori about the power of a personal story and the public domain

2019-04-08T09:54:38Z (GMT) by Helen Graham Antonia Liguori
This is not a conventional paper. Instead it is the form of a conversation between Helen Graham and Antonia Liguori, reflecting on events they participated in for the Enkdist project. The first was a workshop facilitated by Helen Graham at the international conference of Digital Storytelling in Ankara (May 2013). The second was organised by Antonia Liguori in Rome (September 2013) where the Enkdist project involved - as a specific target group - people who work in museums and cultural institutions. This informal conversation is a dialogic reflection about the digital storytelling as a learning process, with the aim of pinpointing some desirable ways for the facilitator to interact with people involved in a workshop. And the starting point – as sometimes happens in that kind of conversation, when one is in the shoes of the facilitator and the other one of the storyteller – is a clear provocation