Dipole-slot-dipole metasurfaces

A complementary frequency selective surface (CFSS) can be formed on the basis of Babinet’s principle. It consists of an array of slots separated from an array of dipoles by a thin dielectric substrate. This study shows that by adding an extra layer of dipoles to a CFSS capacitance can be added to the structure, which leads to a decrease in its resonant frequency. This new structure is called a dipole-slot-dipole metasurface (MTS) and it has unit-cell dimensions of l/10 × l/10 × l/333, where l is representing the free space wavelength. The dipole-slot-dipole MTS has been fabricated and measured. The study also reports on its equivalent circuit; and the effects of the length of the dipoles on the added layer and their alignment on the pass band resonant frequency of the dipole-slot-dipole MTS.