Disaggregate behavioural freight modal choice models : a case study of manufacturing industry

2013-03-18T14:24:18Z (GMT) by Beddredine Benabi
The specification of models in which the process of decisionmaking is apparent in the model structure has been a prime concern in the area of freight demand modelling. This study is primarily concerned with the development of disaggregate models of logit form for explaining and predicting freight mode choice in Leicestershire. The models explain modal choice at the level of the individual shipper. They are behavioural in that the explanatory variables used result from a hypothesis reflecting the behaviour.: of the shipper. They are probabilistic in that they give the probability that a shipper will choose a given transport mode for dispatching a given consignment. From this point of view this research makes contributions to 1) the specification of factors which are most influential in the shipper's mode choice decision, 2) the specification of the shipper's senitivity to changes in the values of these factors....