Disaster control planning in tropical countries with special reference to the National Library of Malaysia

2014-03-11T14:59:27Z (GMT) by Rosham Abdul Shukor
The aim of this dissertation is to achieve an overview of the theory and practice of disaster control planning with particular reference to tropical countries and with special reference to the National Library of Malaysia (NLM). The methodology includes a literature review analysis and a case study of a library where a disaster control plan is prepared. Disasters that strike libraries are of three kinds: natural, Man-made and those which are caused by negligence. There is a need for a disaster plan and the library management should play a positive role in disaster planning to ensure its successful implementation. NLM follows a preservation policy which includes planning the library building, fIre detection/extinguishing systems, microillming of serials, disposal of serials and conservation workshop. Protective measures are also undertaken at NLM and they encompass preserving the holdings, security, housekeeping and exhibition lending. Staff at NLM are trained and made aware of disasters that might strike the library. Currently there is a disaster control plan for NLM. A Disaster control plan compnses four key components: prevention, preparedness, reaction and recovery. Conclusions and recommendations are presented in general and for the NLM in particular.