Disasters and the built environment. Research roadmap

We are all beginning to realize that making the built environment resilient against to be expected impacts from climate change and other threats will take society an enormous investment. It is not only about making the physical environment resilient. If a city is to be resilient its social, economic and institutional infrastructures need to be resilient too. If a city, or whatever type of built environment, has really ambitious resilience goals, the needed approach will be far reaching and of a challenging complexity. It requires the development and implementation of and experimentation with new concepts and technologies and research has a major role to play in this. With this research roadmap CIB hopes to show the international research community how it can be most effective in supporting society as a whole to become more resilient. We hope that this publication will help and in fact stimulate both national and international research funding agencies, research institutes and research dissemination organisations in Building and Construction to define the right priorities and to do this in a worldwide cooperation.