Disturbance-observer-based robust control for time delay uncertain systems

2012-12-11T14:43:46Z (GMT) by Mou Chen Wen-Hua Chen
A robust control scheme is proposed for a class of systems with uncertainty and time delay based on disturbance observer technique. A disturbance observer is developed to estimate the disturbance generated by an exogenous system, and the design parameters of the disturbance observer are determined by solving linear matrix inequalities (LMIs). Based on the output of the disturbance observer, a robust control scheme is proposed for the time delay uncertain system. The disturbance-observer-based robust controller is combined of two parts: one is a linear feedback controller designed using LMIs and the other is a compensatory controller designed with the output of the disturbance observer. By choosing an appropriate Lyapunov function candidate, the stability of the closed-loop system is proved. Finally, simulation example is presented to illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed control scheme.