Does sport make you happy? An analysis of the well-being derived from sports participation

2014-06-12T15:36:03Z (GMT) by Paul Downward Simona Rasciute
This paper examines the impact of sports participation upon the subjective wellbeing of individuals. Encouraging participation in sports activity is now an important public policy issue, as it is argued that there are benefits in terms of health and well-being to individuals as well as to society through externalities. Controlling for personal and socio-demographic characteristics affecting wellbeing, this paper examines if participation in, and the frequency and duration of, 67 sports activities affects well-being. The form in which sports participation takes place is also investigated by examining if social-interaction sports produce more well-being. This paper demonstrates that sports participation has a positive affect upon the subjective well-being of the population and, moreover, estimates its monetary value. The effects are larger if one allows for social interactions.