Downsizing electronic mail can optimise company communications

2005-09-30T14:01:12Z (GMT) by Tom Jackson Ray Dawson Darren Wilson
The introduction of electronic communication in companies has many claimed benefits. One such benefit is that this communication lends itself to measurement and monitoring. The findings at the Danwood Group have shown that many messages could be conveyed in a single line of text as is now currently done in mobile phone text messages. A new email add-on was developed for the Danwood company to take advantage of single line emails giving a service that would send one line messages at a high priority and display the message in the receiver’s Inbox. This was found to be a time saving service, which also lead to more structured email messages. It is concluded that the introduction of a short message email service has been of benefit to the Danwood company and that other companies would similarly benefit if email service providers incorporated a short message facility into their software.