Drinking water service level of groundwater sources in Lambo Lasunwon community, Ikorodu, Lagos

2018-02-12T15:10:35Z (GMT) by AbdulHakeem B. Ogunbajo Oluremi Olaleye
Groundwater from aquifers is a major source of potable water supply, particularly for communities not connected to municipal drinking water system. This paper discusses the performance of the service level of on-site private water system from ground water in Lambo Lasunwon Community, Ikorodu. Reconnaissance survey, co-ordinates and heights above sea level of water sample points were obtained. Structured questionnaires were administered on two hundred and seven (207) inhabitants within the community. Social parameters were examined; physical, chemical and microbiological test were carried out samples. The result shows 56% of those interviewed have water in their compound, with 78.4% being borehole, with 77.3% residential. Average water cost is $0.13 per 50liters, daily water usage 50-150litres. Coliform count was zero, with Lead (Pb) of 0.03 – 0.557mg/l, Iron (Fe) 0.181 – 0.367mg/l but slightly acidic with pH value range of 4.76 -5.31.