Driver's field of view from large vehicles: phase 2 - report

2005-10-18T15:52:27Z (GMT) by Dean Southall Richard Tait Tony Walsh
The overall objective of this phase of the study has been to identify problems with drivers’ field of view from current large vehicles. A large survey of drivers, operators and manufacturers was conducted which identified a number of issues pertaining to drivers’ field of view, vehicle design and road environment. On the basis of this information, as well as a continuing review of accident data and analysis of vehicle swept path plots, it has been possible to develop a first stage field of view requirement. The field of view requirement defines areas around a vehicle which the driver should be able to see or otherwise detect objects. At this stage the field of view requirement does not stipulate whether this should be by direct or indirect means. It is an aim of the Phase 3 report to make recommendations for the most appropriate means of achieving the requirement. The development of the field of view requirement has provided the necessary criteria by which current vehicle designs and the adequacy of current Regulations and Directives are being assessed. The assessment of existing Regulations and Directives has already identified inadequacies in their application to large vehicles which points to specific areas for new or amended regulations. The short list of vehicles which will be used to quantify the effectiveness of current vehicle designs has been made. These vehicles have been precisely measured to produce the dimensional data necessary to carry out the Man-Model CAD assessment. The vehicles have been successfully modelled and the field of view assessment is in progress. The development of solutions and methods to improve drivers’ field of view from large vehicles will be undertaken in parallel with the field of view assessment and the findings will be reported separately.