Dynamic adaptive 3D multi-view video streaming over the internet

Increasing throughput rates and technical developments in video streaming over the Internet offer an attractive solution for the distribution of immersive 3D multi-view. Nevertheless, robustness of video streaming is subject to its utilisation of efficient error resiliency and content aware adaptation techniques. Dynamic network characteristics resulting in frequent congestions may prevent video packets from being delivered in a timely manner. Packet delivery failures may become prominent, degrading 3D immersive video experience significantly. In order to overcome this problem, a novel view recovery technique for 3D free-viewpoint video is introduced to maintain 3D video quality in a cost-effective manner. In this concept, the undelivered (discarded) views as a result of adaptation in the network are recovered with high quality at the receiver side, using Side Information (SI) and the delivered frames of neighbouring views. The proposed adaptive 3D multi-view video streaming scheme is tested using Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (MPEG-DASH) standard. Tests using the proposed adaptive technique have revealed that the perceptual 3D video quality under adverse network conditions is significantly improved thanks to the utilisation of the extra side information in view recovery.