Dynamic unbinding transitions and deposition patterns in dragged meniscus problems

We sketch main results of our recent work on the transfer of a thin liquid film onto a flat plate that is extracted from a bath of pure non-volatile liquid. Employing a long-wave hydrodynamic model, that incorporates wettability via a Derjaguin (disjoining) pressure, we analyse steady-state meniscus profiles as the plate velocity is changed. We identify four qualitatively different dynamic transitions between microscopic and macroscopic coatings that are out-of-equilibrium equivalents of equilibrium unbinding transitions. The conclusion briefly discusses how the gradient dynamics formulation of the problem allows one to systematically extend the employed one-component model into thermodynamically consistent two-component models as used to describe, e.g., the formation of line patterns during the Langmuir-Blodgett transfer of a surfactant layer.