E-conference report on town water supply and sanitation E-conference

2012-06-26T13:23:16Z (GMT) by Kevin Sansom Julie Fisher
The electronic conference on ‘Town Water Supply and Sanitation’ was organized by WEDC on behalf of the World Bank’s ‘Town Water Supply and Sanitation Initiative’ (TWSSI), with funding from the Bank-Netherlands Water Partnership (BNWP). Under Phase One of the TWSSI a draft report has been prepared, Town Water Supply and Sanitation. This report is a first attempt to set out a strategy for town water supply and sanitation, and the objective of this e-conference is to help review and comment on the findings of selected chapters, identify any remaining gaps in knowledge, discuss the tools needed for implementation, and reach consensus on the basic messages presented in the report. Although Phase One of the TWSSI has considered towns of up to 200,000 population, it has generally been found that it is towns in the 2,000 to 50,000 population range that fall within a "management gap", and are the prime focus of the report.