Ecological parameters in oxidation ponds

2018-02-12T15:08:42Z (GMT) by A.K. Shrivastava S.N. Sharma
Waste Stabilization Ponds are important for tropical countries like India. With their low initial cost and multiple benefits, they could be used with advantage in developing countries where availability of land is no problem. An ecological study of the ponds, with an eco­-system approach, therefore becomes relevant. In the present study it was found that the maximum production in pond is achieved between 0800 and 1100 Hours; the respiration is maximum in the afternoon reaching its lowest value in the morning corresponding to a minimum temperature. Minimum DO levels were recorded at around 0300 Hours, reaching near saturation value. The algae in the log phase of growth were found a shade faster than that in the decay phase in starting the production and reaching to its peak value. The pH of the pond waters were found to rise with production moving into alkaline range and as such it can be an index of productivity in an aquatic ecosystem.