Effect of I-V translations of irradiance-temperature on the energy yield prediction of PV module and spectral changes over irradiance and temperature

Energy rating is gaining importance in the photovoltaic (PV) community as it, unless power rating at standard conditions, allows an accurate estimation of the performance of PV modules in different climatic conditions. The device characterisation currently requires the measurement of a performance matrix using irradiance and temperature where values between measurements might be interpolated. Spectral changes are included by correcting using a quantum efficiency measurement. I-V translations of PV modules give better idea about the measurements of the PV modules as a function of irradiance and temperature. Two methods of I-V translations are applied in this study. Bilinear interpolation between the consecutive points of three selective data sets of irradiance and temperature in the power matrix reduces the prediction error below 2.5% compared to over 6% with linear interpolation between two extreme data set points in the power matrix.