Effect of a high and low dose of caffeine on human lymphocyte activation in response to antigen stimulation

2016-03-08T15:04:26Z (GMT) by Deborah K. Dulson Nicolette Bishop
This study investigated the effect of caffeine on antigen-stimulated lymphocyte activation. Six males rested for 3.5 h after ingesting 0 (PLA), 2, or 6 (6CAF) mg·kg−1 body mass of caffeine. The number of antigen-stimulated NK CD69+ cells increased in 6CAF at 1 h compared with PLA (P = 0.021). Caffeine did not influence the number of antigen-stimulated CD69+ T cells or the geometric mean fluorescence intensity expression of CD69 on antigen-stimulated lymphocytes, suggesting caffeine has little effect on antigen-stimulated lymphocyte activation.