Effect of roton backflow on quantum evaporation from superfluid 4He

2006-05-12T13:38:25Z (GMT) by Binoy Sobnack
We investigate the effect of roton backflow on the scattering of atoms, rotons, and phonons at the free surface of superfluid 4He at T=0 K by including backflow semiphenomenologically in the form of a backflow potential in the theory of Sobnack, Inkson, and Fung [M. B. Sobnack, J. C. Inkson, and J. C. H. Fung, Phys. Rev. B 60, 3465 (1999)]. We assume that all the surface scattering processes are elastic and that the quasiparticles and atoms are incident with fixed parallel momenta to the free surface. We calculate probabilities for the various one-to-one surface scattering processes allowed for a range of energies and compare the scattering rates with those obtained when backflow is neglected.