Effects of physical parameters in mashing on lautering performance

2015-03-06T15:24:17Z (GMT) by Thomas M. Buhler
This thesis investigates performance parameters of unit operations in the brewery. It describes effects of the parameters temperature and agitation during mashing on mash properties. Mainly two properties are influenced by these parameters, the viscosity and the particle size distribution in the fines. It could be shown that both factors have significant influence on filterability of mash. In pilot scale and laboratory trials particle size effects in mash were investigated systematically. The importance of fine particles for lautering performance could be confirmed and quantified. The precipitation and aggregation of fine particles with increasing temperatures in the mash could be monitored for the first time. It could be shown that this parameter is not malt dependent. Mashes from different malts react in the same way. In laboratory trials it could be proved that the particle size parameter is more important than viscosity for filterability of mash. The parameters described above have been quantified and correlated with mash filtration parameters. This work provided a basis for the development of a computer model which describes mash separation in a lauter tun.