Efficient and fair hybrid TDMA-CSMA for virtualized green wireless networks

This paper proposes hybrid TDMA-CSMA for virtualized wireless networks, aiming to meet their isolation requirements. In this scheme, high-load users with non-empty queues are proper and potential candidates for TDMA, while others can compete using p-persistent CSMA. At each superframe, AP decides on TDMA-CSMA scheduling by taking into account traffic parameters of users and slice reservations to maximize the network utilization, while maintaining slice isolation. The corresponding optimization problem is formulated to dynamically schedule users for TDMA phase and optimally pick p parameter for remaining CSMA users. Using complementary geometric programming (CGP) and monomial approximations, an iterative algorithm is developed to find the optimal solution. The simulation results reveal the performance gains of the proposed algorithm in improving the throughput and keeping isolation in a virtualized wireless network.